Italy as the most central country in the Mediterranean has an important position in Europe in terms of maritime transportation and road transportation. Italy shipment service can be completed in a cost-effective and fast way thanks to the strategic location of the country. Accordingly, the distance of the shipment country to Italy, and transit options are extremely important logistics factors. It is critical to choose the right transportation options under Italy transportation services.

How Are Logistics Options Determined for Italy Cargo or Shipment?

Using the right logistics options for Italy cargo or shipment is important in terms of cost and time. Accordingly, certain calculations must be done to use the right logistics methods. If the weight and number of goods and freight that will be shipped from Turkey to Italy are extreme, maritime transportation which is also known as container transportation is an effective method. Also, if the shipment destination is an inland location, intermodal transportation activities might be used with road transportation. If the goods suitable for airline transportation standards, airline cargo options are be preferred for Italy shipment.

Advantages of Italy Intermodal Transportation

One of the most effective logistics methods that can be used for Italy transportation is the combined transportation method which is also known as intermodal transportation. These methods are based on integrating multiple transportation options and offer great advantages with speed and cost-oriented transportation. Similarly, intermodal transportation enables the goods and freight to be safely delivered to the target location. Accordingly, intermodal transportation activities are highlighted as an effective method that can be preferred for cost and reliable shipment experience.

In addition to all that, intermodal transportation offers great benefits when the physical conditions or transit route options are insufficient. Airline transportation and maritime transportation which are used in addition to transit methods when the road transportation cannot be used alone can increase the quality of transportation.

Road Weekly Complete and Partial Exit Days: 

Partial Exit Days: 

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday are our partial exit days. Additionally, we can undertake partial exists on other days depending on the freight status.

Complete Exit Days: 

We can provide a complete shipment exit for all days of the week. 

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