Automotive Transportation
Automotive transportation service is a logistics type that might be needed in an industrial or individual sense. While industrial needs are higher, this method can be defined as a method with special logistics dynamics. This method must be applied with extremely professional approaches that require custom transportation systems and vehicles.

Industrial automotive transportation means delivering the automobiles manufactured in the factories to retail or point of sales or directly to initial customers. Similarly, services such as automotive spare part transportation are evaluated under the same method. Vehicles for this method must be specially designed for automobiles. Vehicles for transit transportation are not suitable for automobile transportation and violate safety regulations.

Europe Automobile Transportation
Europe automobile shipment and spare part transportation is a logistics service that aims to transport the automobile or spare parts from a manufacturing centre to a location in Europe. The vehicles are transported with transit or maritime transportation and transportation such as Germany shipment are highlighted for this service. Other methods can be preferred when transit options and road logistics are insufficient for vehicle shipment. One of the most preferred approaches is maritime transportation.

Maritime transportation is one of the most suitable methods for automobile or vehicle transportation and it is extremely safe. However, maritime logistics is generally insufficient for automobile transportation on its own. Therefore, integrated transportation solutions such as intermodal transportation must be used for automobile transportation. Combined transportation services are solutions that require using multiple logistic methods from one point to the other. Thus, the road connections can be used to reach the ports when maritime transportation is insufficient.

Advantages of Intermodal Logistic Approach for Vehicle Transportation Process
The intermodal logistic approach is one of the most suitable methods for automobile transportation and it is also a cost-effective solution. Accordingly, the most suitable and fastest method is preferred after necessary logistics calculations regardless of the shipment distance. Intermodal transportation which is effective, especially for international shipments or Germany shipments can be considered a method that brings important advantages to automobile transportation.