The United States of America which was the largest share of the global economy is an important country in terms of logistics for international trade. We offer logistics support to our customers who want to receive airline cargo to the US or maritime cargo service to the US. You can request support from our experienced and expert team if you need any support for product shipment to the US. We offer support in all aspects of America logistics and foreign trade including foreign trade regulation. We are always by our side when you want to ship cargo to America.



The shipment service needs become more important as the distance between countries increases. In this sense, America airline cargo service is important. We know the requests of our valuable customers who want airline cargo service from Turkey to America. Additionally, we get back to you in a short time for shipment prices from Turkey to America. We deliver your products in the shortest time with the right operation with our extensive agency network in America. Our firm is among the US logistic firms and we are waiting for you to contact us to answer your requests.


One of the transportation types, when you need shipment or cargo to America, is the maritime container transportation service. Transportation with the maritime method has a lower cost but longer delivery time. Manufacturers can include the transportation duration in the manufacturing plan for more affordable transportation operations. Our firm offers affordable options for maritime container transportation pricing from Turkey to America. We are ready to offer the most convenient and professional service with our maritime container transportation service. Also, you can contact us to learn more about maritime cargo container prices in America.


Although the cargo delivery time to America varies across regions in maritime transportation, it generally takes 20-35 days after the ship leaves the port. Airline transportation to America significantly shortens this period. You can contact us for airline delivery time. Since the goods will be transported to different regions, it is not possible to give an exact time.  We are expecting your requests. 

Sıkça Sorulan Sorular

How Are Shipment from Turkey to the US Prices Calculated?

The shipment price from Turkey to the US is calculated based on freight property, container, kg and dimension information. American logistic firms generally make the same calculation. When you inform us about the width x length x height of the good you want to ship to America, we can easily calculate the price. 


How Does Shipment from Turkey to the US Take?

The maritime shipment to America often takes between 20-35 days depending on the region. Airline shipment to America is significantly shorter than maritime transportation. However, you can contact us for airline shipment to America since there are different regions.

What Are Shipment Types from Turkey to the US?

Maritime which is container transportation and airline transportation is offered for logistic services from Turkey to America.


Which Freight Can Be Transported from Turkey to America?

In general, furniture, textile, machine industry, construction materials and many other products can be transported from Turkey to America.