Project and Heavy Freight Transportation

Project & Heavy Freight and Lowbed Transportation 

Firms that need heavy freight transportation, especially in logistics fields often ask about lowbed transportation. In general, lowbed transportation is transporting challenging and heavy freight that cannot be loaded on normal logistic vehicles and this logistic method is commonly preferred with suitable vehicles and equipment. When all of these processes are considered, it is possible to say that Project and Lowbed transportation includes transportation of industrial products, wind turbines, large heavy-duty machines, large machines and similar machines.

Firms That Do Lowbed Transportation 

Firms that do lowbed transportation have international logistic and service networks to undertake successful tasks in these projects. Since project and lowbed transportation is often used in international commerce processes and long-distance transportation, being included in international logistics networks brings a huge advantage to firms that do lowbed transportation. When all of these factors are considered, it is possible to say that lowbed transportation mainly addresses international markets while there are some examples for the domestic market. 

Which Business Processes Can Prefer Lowbed Heavy Freight Transportation? 

As we have explained in the previous article in detail, lowbed heavy freight shipment is mainly preferred for industrial raw material transportation, steel plate and cast steel transportation, machine production parks, industrial heavy-duty machines and rolled steel. Accordingly, lowbed heavy freight transportation is often preferred by companies that manage international commerce operations. Of course, firms in Turkey can have such needs. These organizations can be undertaken with the right equipment and team. You can use this type of logistic service in your business process to use road transportation or maritime logistic between the countries and distribute the goods over this international logistics network.

What Are Lowbed Transportation Vehicles? 

Firms that search for heavy freight transportation might ask the “what is project transportation” question since these firms manufacture industrial materials. Accordingly, project transportation which could be evaluated as industrial logistic management is a logistic transportation method that uses and manages equipment that is important for the shipment processes for a comprehensive industrial project. When these are considered, project transportation can be defined as an international operation by organising logistic processes such as road logistics or maritime logistics. It is possible to follow this procedure domestically. 

Who Does Lowbed Transportation? 

Lowbed transportation is a transportation method similar to out of gauge transportation. It is a heavy freight transportation service preferred when standard logistic processes are insufficient. The lowbed transportation method will be the most accurate road transportation to transport industrial products outside standard dimensions and below 25 tons. Lowbed semi-trailers and similar vehicles are commonly used especially for business processes to transport objects or equipment of extreme size such as heavy-duty machines.