Furniture Transportation

International furniture transportation which is especially needed for international road furniture transportation is a service that uses different logistic approaches depending on the distance or location. Furniture transportation services can be offered for intercity transportation or intracity transportation. Similarly, furniture transportation mainly uses international road transportation as well as maritime or airline transportation when needed.

How Do Furniture Transportation Logistics Services Provide?
In general, furniture transportation is a logistics method that uses different approaches depending on the delivery distance. If the delivery location isn’t overseas, international road transportation is preferred. In addition to that, maritime transportation or similar methods are used with overseas transportation is needed. Airline transportation might be used for overseas transportation if the furniture size, number and weight are not extreme. We aim to provide the best services among logistics firms.

In addition to all that, combined transportation also known as intermodal transportation uses multiple methods that might be preferred for longer distances. Depending on the transit property for intermodal transportation, different logistics methods such as maritime-road, road-maritime, maritime-airline or airline-road transportation can be used.

Things to Consider in Furniture Transportation
The priority in furniture transportation is the safe delivery of the furniture to the delivery destination. Accordingly, it is important to work with international shipping companies that will ensure furniture safety during transportation. If you need international transportation and if maritime transportation will be used, the containers must be clean and safe.

If logistics methods such as airline transportation will be used, it is important to be careful about airport processes. Logistics methods such as airline cargo can use packing and wrapping methods to prevent the furniture to get damaged during transportation. Accordingly, it is important to check whether the logistics company that will provide the furniture transportation service can provide all these options.

Things to Consider for International Furniture Transportation
Our main task is to transport the furniture of our valuable customers most accurately and affordably when they want to ship furniture abroad. Additionally, the transportation method is important since furniture is a sensitive product. Stacking is an important issue for furniture transportation and our experienced firm transfers its experience in correct stacking and transportation methods to our valuable customers. You can contact us when you sell furniture broad and we can provide you with the pricing by selecting the transportation method. Since all furniture and other goods shipped abroad have transportation insurance, the claim will be determined when there is any damage and the compensation will be paid.  Additionally, we undertake the entire logistics and customs process management for our customers outside Turkey and provide door-to-door shipment service.