New logistics approaches and trends emerged with the advancements in transportation technologies. Intermodal transportation which is one of the most effective methods is using multiple methods to ensure the maximum efficiency and fastest delivery. This method which is also called combined transportation uses suitable transportation methods such as road transportation, airline transportation and maritime transportation together.

Things You Need to Know About Intermodal Transportation
Intermodal transportation is one of the most suitable options since it is the fastest, most effective and most cost-efficient logistics method. Accordingly, intermodal transportation is especially preferred for long-distance transportation. Individuals who need Europe shipment will get an integrated approach such as road - maritime, maritime - road or airline - road approaches for the fastest delivery. Using the most effective transportation method regardless of the size or number of the goods is important for intermodal transportation activity. Therefore, certain logistics calculations are completed for the delivery location and the right transportation options are combined.

What Are The Advantages of Intermodal Logistic Services?
Although intermodal logistics activities have various advantages, cost-efficiency is the key advantage of this model. The most effective transit, road or maritime options are identified regardless of the transportation distance and the delivery is completed in the shortest time. Since intermodal transportation includes container transportation or airline transportation, the transported goods and products are delivered in the fastest way. This method is especially used for delivery to the European countries and the goods are delivered in a few days with the most affordable costs which would take days with a single method.

Which Locations Are Suitable for Intermodal Transportation?
While the intermodal transportation model is suitable for international shipment activities, this model can be preferred by those who want to send cargo abroad. Accordingly, individuals who need Germany cargo, England cargo transportation services can benefit from intermodal transportation services. Similarly, combined transportation methods are commonly preferred for overseas or intercontinental transportation.