Medical Transportation
Medical transportation is a service that covers the logistic operations of medical devices and tools, products, raw materials, chemicals and medical products. This logistics transportation method known as medical material transportation is an important logistics service for medical material manufacturers to reach their target market. The vehicles in the shipment process must comply with medication transportation rules and the need for custom medical transportation firms increased. Moreover, medicine transporter firms must be preferred since these firms have GDP certificates (Good Distribution Practices) integrated into the ISO quality management system to complete custom and high-valued medication shipments.  Medical transportation that requires care with GDP Certified vehicles might fail if this equipment and certificates are missing and the products might be illtreated.


Properties That Medical Transportation Firms Must Have

Firms that do medical transportation are logistics firms that follow the procedures according to medication and medical material industry standards. Accordingly, the vehicles used in the medical cargo transportation process must have the necessary safety precautions and hardware. Following the GPD Standards to transport the medication required to treat various diseases help preserve the chemical structures of the medication. The equipment and certificates of the vehicles that carry medical products provide both structural and chemical component protection. Accordingly, firms that transport medication must ensure medical & medication logistic process safety by using technological equipment, vehicles and management systems.


Cosmetic and Personal Care Products Transportation

Cosmetic and personal care products transportation is a highly strategic logistics operation for the personal care industry which has an important share in the global market. Logistics services such as cosmetic and personal care products transportation are responsible to transport personal care products which would directly impact health with care and safety. In this case, shipment firms use road logistics or road shipment as well as maritime shipment to provide support to manage the logistic processes of the cosmetic firms. 


Medical Machine and Equipment Transportation

Medical machine and equipment transportation is a logistics branch to transport technical equipment used in medical processes in hospitals. Since medical devices are sensitive, these devices must be transported with care and necessary precautions should be taken for logistics processes. Integrated transportation methods might be preferred to transport medical products internationally for fast and cost-effective logistics processes by using maritime and road transportation.