Austria is one of the important economies in Central Europe and has a key location in terms of logistics since it is on an important transit route. Accordingly, Austria transportation service commonly used road transportation from Turkey and neighbouring countries. In addition to that, maritime transportation is insufficient since Austria does not have a coast.

Austria Road Transportation

Austria road transportation is a preferred logistic method thanks to transit opportunities in the country. It is possible to say that road transportation is one of the most effective methods to ship cargo from Turkey and neighbouring countries to Austria. However, different transportation models might be preferred if road or transit opportunities are insufficient. Transportation activities that are especially integrated with airline transportation and similar logistics methods offer extremely important methods in terms of speed and cost.

Similarly, intermodal transportation might be preferred as a logistic method when road transportation is insufficient. Intermodal transportation requires using multiple vehicles and this method is faster and more affordable than other transportation methods. Logistic calculations about which transportation options can be used should be made to determine whether the intermodal logistic method is suitable.

How Are Shipment Logistics Options to Austria Determined?

Certain logistic calculations are necessary before shipment to Austria. The logistics calculations are important to understand the cost and time effectiveness of the selected logistics methods. While it is possible to choose road transportation or airline transportation after logistic calculations, combined transportation methods can also be used.

The combined transportation method is convenient in terms of cost as well as speed and transportation safety. In this case, different transportation techniques such as road-airline can be preferred to minimize the delivery time. Similarly, all procedures for fast and reliable transportation are followed in intermodal transportation with the highest logistics precision.

Weekly Complete and Partial Exit Days: 

Partial Exit Days: 

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday are our partial exit days. Additionally, we can undertake partial exists on other days depending on the freight status.

Complete Exit Days: 

We can provide a complete shipment exit for all days of the week.